Nylander Nightmare

Yes, I’ve been gone a while but I’m back now, let’s talk sports.

This kid needs to get a grip on his life. How stupid can one human be, really? The Leafs don’t even need this plug, they currently sit at a 14-6 record with 28 points which is good enough for 2nd in their conference and third overall in league standings. Their +19 goal differential sits at number two in the league just behind the Nashville Predators (+20) and their 9-1-0 road record is a league best. Even without Matthews this team finds a way to win, currently holding a 6-3-0 record in his absence (but don’t get me started on that band-aid). This blog isn’t about him, this is about the selfish, head-strong, clueless little child that is William Nylander. I’m not sure if it’s him making this horrid call or an agent or a family member but someone is in the wrong here and it’s not Kyle Dubas. Dubas has to do what’s best for the franchise in the long run. Signing Nylander to anything drastic causes the contract talks with Matthews and Marner to become that much harder to negotiate. There is a plan set in place and Nylander is absolutely blowing that plan up cause he wants a couple more dollars in his bank account. The difference in salary that he is arguing for is unbelievable, he is going to be making millions regardless and on top of that, be on a legit Stanley Cup contender. Nope, not good enough for him, he’s going to instead choose to sit out the entire year with NO PAY AT ALL. This is literally like putting yourself in timeout as a kid with zero benefit coming out of it. If he chooses not to sign within these next 12 days, he forfeits a season’s worth of earnings, a lengthy playoff run, chemistry with the boys and a complete year of NHL talented competition. What does he think, this will increase his value? Not likely. I’d offer him less next year because I don’t know if he realizes, but if he’s not signed on December 1st, this whole process renews itself next season. He will be in the same place as he is now with 1 less year of experience, pay and trust. 

We cannot be too sure about what Nylander is asking for but we can definitely compare him to recent contracts of similar if not better players. A player of his caliber deserves to get paid no doubt, but there is a realistic amount and an outrageous amount and I think that’s currently what separates the Leafs and Willy. Nylander’s stats to date look like this: 48 goals and 135 points in 185 career games played giving him 0.26 Goals per Game and 0.73 Points per Game. In comparison to some other young, high level players in the league, here are what their contracts look like:

David Pastrnak (Contract – $40 mil/6 years):
274 GP, 111 Goals, 228 Points, 0.41 Goals per Game, 0.83 Points per Game. 

Nikolaj Ehlers (Contract -$42 mil/7 years):
254 GP, 73 Goals, 170 Points, 0.29 Goals per Game, 0.67 Points per Game.

Filip Forsberg (Contract -$36 mil/6 years):
351 GP, 129 Goals, 273 Points, 0.37 Goals per Game, 0.78 Points per Game.

In my opinion, Nylander is no better than any of those 3 players and no more of an asset to his team than the others. So, what do they all have in common? All 4, including Nylander, are on Cup contending teams and the 3 featured above all took money that made sense to both themselves and their teams. There is no reason why Nylander is still without a contract and holding out the way he is does not benefit him in the slightest. You want to know what he gets for sitting out this entire season? Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. You know what he does get to do though, decreased value and the chance to go through this grueling process again next year, but only this time, Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews will both need contracts too. Mark my words, this clown will not get what he wants and if he doesn’t get his attitude in check, this could be a tragedy of a story, that he ultimately regrets in the end.

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