NFL Week 2 Recap

Week 2 in the books. Better late than never. Time to recap the top stories from this past weekends madness.

To Tie or Not To Tie

Week 2 brought us yet another tie. This time the victims were the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings. To be honest with you, I am all about the tie, might be a different story if it happens to the Pats but for now I enjoy watching other fans have their hearts crushed when there kicker misses game winners. Staying on the subject of kickers, what a disaster week it was for these guys all across the league. There were 19 missed kicks in Week 2 and a couple of players even lost their jobs after this joke of a week. After missing the go ahead extra point and a field goal to tie, Zane Gonzalez was waived by the Cleveland Browns. He will be replaced by Greg Joseph, who will be entering his first game as a kicker after attending training camp with the Miami Dolphins. Daniel Carlson of the Minnesota Vikings was also let go and replaced by free agent Dan Bailey, the Dallas Cowboys ex-kicker. Overall tough week for kickers but keep those ties coming boys!

khalil mack blog

Bears Defense is Unstoppable

Side note before I get into this: How does the Prime Time scheduling work because the Bears had the Sunday nighter in Week one and the Monday nighter in Week two and there are 32 teams in the league. Anyways, the Bears defense is an absolute force. The Raiders must have been out of their minds to trade a player like Khalil Mack away. I have never seen a player create so much havoc on a quarterback like Mack, he’s unstoppable. On the other hand, you have Jon Gruden out here complaining about how his pass rush isn’t creating enough pressure. Well DUUUUH, you traded away your number one pressure guy. I think the Bears are a strong team, if they can figure out their quarterback situation I think they could be a great team. Fear the Bears defense because God knows I do.

Randy Moss 2.0

Tom Brady has not had a receiver like Josh Gordon since the one and only Randy Moss. This guy is an absolute weapon standing at 6’3, 225 pounds. A monster on the field and he now has the GOAT as his QB1. It really is too bad we never got to see him play with Baker Mayfield because that could have also been electric. Anyways, not only did the Pats get Josh Gordon but they virtually stole him from the Cleveland Browns for a 5th round pick and on top of that, if he fails to play 10 games we get a 7th rounder in return. Absolutely absurd. You might as well hand the Patriots the Larry O’Brien Trophy now and call it a season. I am ecstatic to see what this guy can produce for New England and let’s not forget whose back in two games, Julian Edelman. By midseason you will see the likes of Edelman, Gronk, Gordon, Hogan and Coleman. Just when you thought the boys were out of receivers we stack it back up again.

josh gordon blog

Do you Believe in Fitzmagic?

Ryan Fitzpatrick has sparked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense and he is about one win away from having me buy all in to his shenanigans. I cannot believe the type of show this guy has been putting on for the first two games of the season. Not only that but he’s having a great time doing it. He’s out here rubbing beards with linemen and wearing Desean Jackson’s clothes to his press conference. He’s a kid again just playing the game he loves. I honestly think there may be a quarterback controversy down south right now and if ‘Fitzmagic’ is able to keep up his performance level, Jameis Winston might be out of a job (at least until Fitzpatrick screws it up).

By the way since I did release this so late the Browns just won their first game in 635 days. Open the fridges, LETS GO!!

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