NFL Week 1 Recap

NFL Football is BACK! North of the Border is BACK! The heart of the sports year begins now and it’s time to recap some of the storylines from this past weekend:

NFL: Houston Texans at New England Patriots

Tom Brady is Still The GOAT

As always, what kind of fan would I be to not mention my beloved Patriots and Mr. Brady himself. I was never worried about losing to the Texans, Deshaun Watson looked very scared and showed that he still has a lot of work to do. I was really hoping for another shootout so Brady could lead a 4th quarter winning drive just like last year but you can’t always get what you want. Patriots D looked solid without Matt Patricia at the helm (thoughts and prayers to Matt after that performance against the Jets). Another year, another winning season, most likely another Super Bowl appearance and we are just getting started. Brady’s line: 26/39, 277 yards, 3 TDs. Patriots 27 – Texans 20.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Just Became a Major Trade Piece

417 yards in the air. 5 touchdowns. 75% completion percentage. I have no idea how this even happened. The Saints defense looked so sloppy on Sunday and Fitz was throwing absolute dimes downfield to receivers all afternoon. Do we have a quarterback controversy in Tampa Bay? Realistically probably not, it’s Jameis Winston’s spot to lose but with his lingering 3 game suspension still ongoing, Fitzpatrick will get another couple of chances to prove that Sunday’s magic was not just a fluke. Anyone who bet the Saints to win (including myself) I am sorry, Ryan Fitzpatrick is a weapon. Tampa Bay 48 – New Orleans 40.

The Cleveland Browns Still Haven’t Won

The Cleveland Browns did the most Cleveland Browns thing ever and tied their season opener. After watching Hard Knocks, the terrific HBO series surrounding the Cleveland’s Browns training camp, I was ready to go all in on the Browns bandwagon. Just like any true Cinderella story no one really believed they had a chance of beating Pittsburgh on opening Sunday, even though they were missing Le’Veon Bell. As the game dragged on, Cleveland never really seemed to have any sort of strong momentum. All of the sudden, in the fourth quarter the defense picked up some steam and Tyrod Taylor put together a few meaningful drives that suddenly had Cleveland looking dead in the face with a game winning drive under the 2 minute mark. An error throw caused a Pittsburgh interception ultimately taking the game into overtime. Back and forth they went until Pittsburgh found themselves within field goal range with the win in their sights. MISS! It was destiny for the Browns to win this game. With 13 seconds on the clock the Browns are a 43-yard field goal away from inking themselves into the record books. BLOCK! Browns tie the Steelers 21-21. What a joke.

landry blog

Aaron Rodgers is Not Human

Aaron Rodgers Sunday night prime time football thriller will forever go down in history as one of the best NFL comeback stories in recent history (right behind the Patriots-Falcons Super Bowl). People expected the Bears D to be solid but they did not predict them to start the first half as well as they did. The Packers began with a number of 3 and outs until the drive that Aaron Rodgers had a lineman fall awkwardly onto his leg forcing him to head to the locker room for further analysis. The Bears were already leading the game by a solid margin at this point and no one saw Deshone Kizer being the difference maker for this one; the Bears seemed to have the game locked up. I turned my TV off. Bears lead the game at half 17-0. Second half starts and I get an update on my phone: “Aaron Rodgers set to return to action”. A one-legged man set to make history and that he did. A 21-point fourth quarter where Rodgers did not run a drive where his team didn’t score. Just enough to squeak by the Bears and prove to everyone why he’s still one of the most dominant QB’s in the game.

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