Grab Your Brooms

Might be a little bit late but I can’t leave my boy Bron Bron hanging like that, c’mon now.

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The NBA Season is over and Lebron James has played his last game as a Cleveland Cavalier. The Warriors didn’t only sweep the Cavs, they vacuumed them out of the Finals. It was never close to begin with but what did you expect, these teams were so unevenly matched it wasn’t even funny. Lebron vs. 4 All-stars, 3 easily capable of scoring 30 points a night and the other one, a premier level defender amongst the top of the NBA. No chance, see you later Lebron, where to next man? LA? Philly? Houston? Toronto? Can’t wait to have the media swarming all over where he will land and who has the best odds of landing him. If he was smart, he’d just go to Golden State and that way he could guarantee at least a couple more championships before his body completely falls apart. But let’s be honest he will probably end up on the Lakers with Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and their group of young talented players so he can have helpers to carry most of the regular season load while he preps that old brittle body for the playoffs. It’s really a no doubter, the Lakers have the kind of money to spend on these big name players and frankly their young stars are only going to grow surrounded by some experienced veterans.

The question that arises after all of this is: will this theoretical super team be able to take down the mighty champion Golden State Warriors. It would be a lot closer than this years finals but to beat a team 4 times in the same series with the level of chemistry & talent that Golden State has is a very tough task. Wherever The Queen ends up will probably be his final destination on his storied regular season career. His playoff legacy has taken a massive hit over the last couple of years and with the way the league is headed he will be lucky to hold on the only playoff record that still impresses anyone in consecutive Finals appearances. Without any sort of help, that streak will end, he will have some dramatic retirement announcement and he will go down as the second best NBA player of all time. Facts.

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Another thing I want to bring up about Lebron is that bullshit hand splint he was wearing in the post-game interview of the game 4 loss. What a drama queen. He apparently was playing through a broken hand for a good chunk of the Finals and to that I say ‘BIG WHOOP’. Your hand better be falling off your wrist and that splint better be the only thing holding it in place for you to get my sympathy. There are NHL players playing through substantially worse injuries than a little pinky finger sprain. Take Wayne Simmonds for instance, he played most of this season with a broken ankle, 6 busted teeth and a sprained right hand. Didn’t stop him from scoring 24 goals this season and after being eliminated from the playoffs he didn’t put on a big show at a post-game press conference. He went and got it taken care of during the offseason so he would be 100% for the start of next season. There is something about the NBA that is so soft with the excessive flopping and not playing through any sort of light injuries. Don’t get me wrong I love basketball but c’mon, have some pain tolerance and battle through to help your teammates in the best way possible, don’t go around complaining about it. It’s a team sport, no one cares about your little soreness. Shut up and go play the game that you “love” so much. Chris Paul did virtually the same thing sitting out Game 7 that would have sent his team to the NBA Finals. Embarrassing.

Hey Steph, how many rings you got buddy?
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One thought on “Grab Your Brooms

  1. Loving The new uploads!
    I enjoyed your series on the NBA playoffs
    Love hearing your opinion about Lebron
    You are so talented, and insightful.


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