Fate for Number 8

Alex Ovechkin has finally found himself on the right side of destiny and although I’ve never really liked that ugly Russian, I respect him and his teammates for what they were able to accomplish this NHL post-season. Not only that but they have been on a worldwide week-long bender that hits its peak today with the championship parade. As much as Washington disgusts me; seeing them finally win the Cup was quite special. I have never seen such raw emotion from a group of men in my entire life. After watching Pittsburgh win over the last two years I think we take for granted how hard it truly is to lift Lord Stanley’s trophy over your head at the end of the NHL season. But when you do, after battling through all those games and countless nagging injuries, I bet you it feels light as a feather. There’s nothing like winning sport’s hardest trophy and it really has a way of turning men into boys. I mean look at Ovi, he’s 32 years old and has been partying like a college kid for the last week. Keg stands out of the Cup, swimming in 3 inch deep fountains in Washington and never seeming to leave the Cup’s side, this guy is finally living out a career long dream. I wouldn’t be surprised if he calls it quits and retires now, go out on top baby! They have been waiting their whole life for that moment and finally seeing them accomplish it was incredible. Only one player had previously won a Cup on Washington’s roster so it was a pretty new experience for the entire group.

Seeing all this partying puts a smile on my face and for anyone who says it’s getting excessive, it’s not. They are celebrating one of the most storied championships we have seen in a while and if they want to party until the beginning of next season I would be completely fine with that. They may never win again not because they aren’t good but because it is so hard, so they deserve to cherish a memory like this. We don’t realize how tough it is to get to that place and put all the pieces together when it matters and it’s even tougher to get back there. This season really was meant to be for the Capitals. After thinking about their roster last year which included Kevin Shattenkirk on the back-end and still seeing them fall in 7 games to the Penguins in the second round, I felt as though they would never make it over the hump. With countless President’s Trophies and division wins, the Caps were finally able to lift the big one over their head. What a story.


Even after following this entire run of insane alcohol consumption, partying in Vegas with Tiesto and all the other shenanigans going on, my favourite moment from this whole trip has to be TJ Oshie’s interview about his dad. As many may know, Oshie’s dad is suffering with Alzheimer’s, a terrible memory loss disease that is fairly common with old age. Being a hockey guy, you know how much your parents sacrifice throughout your life in playing hockey and it’s no different in this situation. His dad has probably been there for the good and the bad and as his memory fades, no matter what, a moment like this will stick with him forever.

My dad, oh boy, he doesn’t remember a lot of stuff these days, he remembers enough. But I’ll tell you what, he’s hear tonight, I don’t know where he’s at, but this one will stick with him forever, you can guarantee that.

– TJ Oshie

Congratulations to the 2018 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals.

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