Cleveland is Dead

5 months and thousands of words later, I am finally hitting number 30 on the blog count. Just want to say that I appreciate all the support from my friends, family and of course the readers (who are realistically just my friends & family). I enjoy expressing raw emotion into these posts and I am going to keep them coming, so please keep reading. Just cracked 2000 hits and it only goes up from here. LETS GOOOOO!

2018 NBA Finals - Game Two

Not to sound dramatic or anything but I genuinely believe JR Smith has killed the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sunday night’s game was a clear sign that the Cavs really don’t have the mental toughness to bounce back from the crushing defeat they experienced only a few nights ago. It’s really all JR’s fault except for the fact that George Hill missed the go ahead free throw that potentially would have stolen them Game 1, but people forget. Let’s be honest though, these are the kind of things that happen when you build your team around Lebron with a bunch of bums. I said, back at the Trade Deadline that this team wasn’t any better than the other bums they sent away (Cleveland Cavaliers, Relax). Lebron can only take you so far. Okay, they swept the Raptors, but they were clearly scared and can’t seem forget the past. They only barely beat the Pacers and Celtics where one wasn’t even expected to make the postseason and the other was missing their two best players. Get a grip Cavs fans, this is the Warriors remember, the ones with 4 All-Stars and 2 MVP’s, who closed you out in 5 games last Finals. Steph Curry looks like himself again and will most likely win his first Finals MVP. I don’t think Kevin Durant can miss a shot inside 18 feet. Klay Thompson is making Chris Paul look like an absolute PRETENDER, putting up 20 points on 8 for 13 shooting in 34 minutes of work playing on a bum ankle. They can’t even complete the Hampton Five lineup without Andre Iguodala but what does that matter when Shaun Livingston and Javale McGee combine on 11 for 11 shooting with 22 points.

curry three blog

Cleveland never had a chance to begin with but after JR’s stumble in Game 1 I think they will be lucky to even win a game in this series. Think about this, Lebron was the first player to score 50+ points in the NBA Finals game and lose. What more can you expect this guy to do. He scores 51 and that’s only enough to keep the game close. He’s not the same guy he used to be, he has no support. He’s not used to playing this many games in the playoffs and after 8 years of going this far, I think Father Time is finally taking a toll on his body. I am not saying he hasn’t been impressive but his defensive intensity isn’t close to where it used to be. As much as I hate him, he is a terrific player but he doesn’t have enough firepower to beat the Warriors at this point in time.

After watching this series, anyone who still thinks Lebron is staying in Cleveland must be delusional. Unless they are able to pull off a massive deal and receive a big time game changer he will be off to a new home in no time. He will most likely wait it out to see where other players head off to, do a big dramatic announcement, people will burn his jerseys, Cavs will fall to last place and it will be just like 2010 all over again. I explain the NBA to people as a reality TV show because that is it’s best description. People tune in for the drama and storylines and I am definitely a sucker for it myself. As long as Lebron keeps losing in the Finals, you better believe I’ll be watching. A 3-6* Finals record; so much for being the GOAT.

One thought on “Cleveland is Dead

  1. Loving your view on the NBA finals, I totally agree with your view on Lebron, and how his clock is ticking. It’s only a matter of time before the Cavs lose in the finals. Keep the blogs coming!
    – “day one supporter”


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