The King Of The North: A Farewell to the Toronto Raptors


The wifi is up and the Toronto Raptors season is down…in the dumps…like the hopes and dreams of Raptor’s fans everywhere. We will no longer refer to this basketball team as the Toronto Raptors but instead as the Lebronto Raptors. Why did we ever let ourselves believe that the Raps had a chance to win this series? I have no idea why I was so high up on the Raptors after watching the way they’ve performed against Lebron in the past few seasons. It wasn’t just a bad series, we got swept, losing a close-out game by 35 points as the number one seed in the Eastern Conference. A number one seed hasn’t been swept before the conference finals in 49 years. Yea, we are that team. 59 win season. Garbage. Second best record in the entire league. Waste. Tons of franchise records. Who cares. Crap. Crap. Crap. The entire season has gone to crap. I do not care what we do in the regular season because if you cannot transfer wins to the playoffs you get remembered as the team who never showed up in the big games. It’s the same core guys with the same head coach and the same GM. If nothing changes, how do you expect a team to just be different. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result and that’s what the definition of this season has been, insane. I was honestly tricked into believing this was a reinvigorated Raptors team and that we had finally found the recipe for success in this league. I say it’s time to clean house, make some changes, give Raptor’s fans some sort of new hope instead of feeding them the same BS every year about how it will be different and that we can compete and that this is our year. It has never been our year and to be honest it will probably ever be our year until Lebron retires at like 50 years old after going 3-30 in the NBA Finals over his career.

lebron sweep blog.jpg

The Raptors have been the biggest joke in the NBA for years. It is actually hysterical how bad of a playoff team they truly are. I have never been so embarrassed in my life and just a reminder the Leafs blew a 4-1 lead in 2013. I don’t know what it is but I have never seen a team cower to Lebron like this team does. Our two best players fall off the face of earth. The “Bench Mob” became the “Bench Warmers”. All the pieces fell apart when we needed them to fall into place. How upsetting must it be to see the Indiana Pacers take the Cavs seven games and give themselves a chance to beat out the raining NBA Finalists in the first round. The Indiana Pacers had zero expectations this year and almost ended up being the biggest upset in the NBA Playoffs. I would much rather be in the shoes of Pacer’s fan, Sixer’s fans, Celtic’s fans, all teams with great futures and great development. They are putting the pieces together at the tail end of Lebron’s career to give the King a run for his money in season’s to come. All I see for the Raptor’s future is broken hearts and failed playoff appearances. Something drastic needs to happen within the coming months, whether it’s trading Lowry or dropping Dwayne Casey. I honestly do not care at this point, just make a move that lets me know this team is serious about making a difference and winning now. Fact of the matter is, King’s stay Kings and Bums stay Bums. Raptor’s fans need to pray for the best this off-season and hope a rebuild is within the coming years because if we don’t plan accordingly for our future when Lebron is finally out of the league, many dark days will be upon us, mark my words.

Oh and by the way this shot that Bleacher Report and pages like it were posting on social media was blatantly a travel and I am not impressed that he can space himself off a defender with an extra step.


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