Akron’s Big Baby

lebron crying blog.jpg

I’ve never seen player in all of pro sports cry more than Lebron James. The worst part about it is that he gets almost every call as it is and still has the audacity to wine (SHEESH) to the ref when someone love taps him on the pinky finger. I am surprised Cleveland was able to make it out of the first round to begin with, but then again not surprised at all. Indiana really gave them a run for their money and proved to be the better team. The one thing Indiana lacked which ultimately held them back, was not having Lebron James. It is ridiculously hard to contain a player of his caliber and athletic ability but if they would have been able to shut him down just slightly, they win that series no doubt. In Cleveland’s wins, Lebron averaged 41.8 PPG, 11.0 RPG and 6.8 APG. Believe it or not he was putting up that many points and they weren’t even winning games by large margins. They won Game 2 by 3 points, Game 4 by 4, Game 5 by 3 and Game 7 by 4. This is such a beatable team it’s not even funny and here’s the recipe for success. Hold Lebron under 30 points and 10 assists. That’s it. In Cleveland’s first round losses, Lebron averaged 24.7 PPG, 9.0 APG and 9.0 RPG. You do not have to completely shut him down, all you have to do is contain him.

Side note: How does Lance get a technical foul for this play in GAME 7! Absurd. (Leagues rigged or soft or both).

There is no reason why the Raptors should lose this Round 2 series to the Cavaliers. I don’t care how intimidating Lebron is, we have the better overall team, better depth off the bench, better defense and a more reliable offense. This shouldn’t even go 7 games if you ask me. After watching what the Indiana Pacers were able to do to Lebron in the first round I feel it’s time for the Raptors to take advantage of this sorry ass team that they have built around him. Who am I supposed to be worried about on the Cavs? Kevin Love – inconsistent. Kyle Korver – streaky, lives and dies by the 3. George Hill – he plays for the Cavs? JR – riskier version on Kyle Korver. Jordan Clarkson – streaky shooter, poor defender. Tristan Thompson – problems at home. There is literally not one player on this team besides Lebron that I would rely on to go out and steal a game for them. You may also be forgetting that we have the Drake factor or as I like to call it the “I wanna be Spike Lee so bad” factor. He is a pain in the ass to players on the sideline and proved it in Round 1 with his constant nagging of John Wall to throw him off his game. Although I am not a huge fan of the sideline interaction, I will take any sort of advantage that we can get to take down the King. So, to the Toronto Raptors and Raptor’s fan base, here’s the game plan: contain the king, win the series.

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