Murderers Row 2.0


Well it’s two days into the MLB season and the New York Yankees already make me want to throw up. It’s bad enough that their 2-3-4 batters are absolute weapons but on top of that their opening series is against the Jays. I am not buying into the take that Toronto Blue Jays are possibly a contender for the second Wild Card in the American League. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Jays but let’s be real, we play in the hardest division in the MLB which sees us playing both the Yanks and the Red Sox 13 times each. We will be lucky to win 15% of those games (4 wins total). I’m serious, we are talking about two WORLD SERIES contenders in the same division. They are younger, faster, stronger, wealthier. In my personal opinion, I would have given some of our younger players the chance to see MLB pitchers instead of trying to put together a team of crippled old men. A lot of our starting lineup is on the wrong side of 30 and cannot seem to stay off the DL. Troy Tulowitzki started the season injured, Devon Travis is an absolute toss up and I think Josh Donaldson is still suffering from his MVP hangover because he is god awful and loaded with excuses. Two games in, tear it all down, build it all back up again.

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Back to the renewed Bronx Bombers. If you think this Yankee team is scary now, wait until Bryce Harper and Manny Machado shift into the lineup. They are no doubt in my mind going to win a million championships. What people have to understand with the MLB is that money talks and when there is no salary cap to work around, the teams with the most money, land the biggest players. Why do you think the Yankees have won so many championships? THEY HAVE THE MOST MONEY! It’s ridiculous, not even fair, so dumb they made a movie about how Brad Pitt had to work around the salary cap with the little money he had, just to make his team a contender. Stupid. Whatever. Let’s analyze the Yankees of the present day. Aaron Judge, 6 foot 7, 282 pounds. 2017 Stats: 155 Games Played, 52 Home Runs, 114 RBI’s. Giancarlo Stanton, 6 foot 6, 245 pounds. 2017 Stats: 159 Games Played, 59 Home Runs, 132 RBI’s (playing most of his games in pitcher friendly National League ball parks). Gary Sanchez, 6 foot 2, 230 pounds. 2017 Stats: 122 Games Played, 33 Home Runs, 90 RBI’s. Three players for a combined 144 Home Runs and 336 RBI’s and that was only in the 2017 season. We are looking at one of the most lethal trios in MLB history and I am absolutely disgusted. It honestly gives me shivers just thinking about it. How are you supposed to beat a team that has the capability of putting up 10+ runs a game? I don’t even care about pitching at this point, the best defense is a great offense and the Yankees have a deadly one. I despise those stupid pinstripes but I am preparing myself for the long haul, their reign of terror is only beginning and I suggest that everyone just get used to it.

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3 Predictions for the 2018 season barring injury:

Giancarlo Stanton hits 70+ home runs – you can lock that one up.

The trio combines for 160+ home runs and 355+ RBI’s.

New York Yankees win the World Series – sign Bryce Harper in offseason.

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