Cleveland Cavaliers, Relax

The Cavs make a couple deals at the trade deadline on February 8th and all of the sudden they’re reborn…I don’t think so. Lets not get ahead of ourselves here, they have won 2 games since the deadline and half of Cleveland is already planning the parade route. They beat a declining Celtics team and an OKC squad who still hasn’t found their identity. They traded for some younger, less experienced talent and they are over here acting like they just got Kareem, Shaq and Jordan. News flash, the only Jordan you got is Clarkson and he came off the bench in Los Angeles for a poor inexperienced team. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the Cavs are a bad team, I just need a bigger sample size before I start making any rash comments. All these journalists talking about how the Cavs are finally back, reinvigorated, younger and more talented has been driving me insane. The Cavs have one thing that puts them over the top, the Lebron factor. He was there before all the trades and he’s there now, let’s not act like this is suddenly the ’96 Bulls.

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What I want to know is why no one is out here talking about the East leading Toronto Raptors? The only real “praise” I have heard about the Raptors came recently from Charles Barkley:

“[The Cavs] are the team to beat. There’s only two legitimate teams in the East: them and the Toronto Raptors,”

– Charles Barkley

Not to worry, I have enough to say for all the reporters that come on TV or social media and continuously overlook them. The Raptors are legit. I’ve been riding with them for a good while now and I must say this is definitely the best team I’ve seen yet. The chemistry, the defence and of course the Bench Mob all combined makes for an absolute powerhouse. I don’t think people realize that they aren’t just out here squeaking by with tight wins, but instead are blowing teams out almost every night. They have the second best point differential in the NBA at +8.5 behind only the Houston Rockets (+8.7). Oh yea, and the Raptors also own the best home record in the NBA at 24-4. They lead the East by 2 games over Boston, have the 3rd best winning percentage in the league, currently carrying a 7 game win streak and a record of 9-1 in their last 10. The stats clearly speak for themselves, this isn’t a one man show, it’s a team game, night in and night out. Everyone makes contributions to the wins and a new hero seems to emerge every night. Whether it’s one of the veterans like Lowry, Derozan or Valanciunas or one of the young guns in Anunoby, Wright or VanVleet, there is always someone out there making a major impact.

Bleacher Report’s Power Rankings Prior to All-Star Weekend (Feb. 16)

Dwayne Casey has molded this team into a well oiled machine. From defensive intensity to fast break scoring and everything in between the Raptors have become a real threat in the NBA. I am tired of hearing about Lebron and the Cavaliers. Every team in the East is chasing the Raptors and I would never think to count them out. Every night they walk into the building expecting to win. I demand respect for Toronto and I am tired of these clueless sports reporters sleeping on this great basketball club.

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