Plan the Parade Foxborough

Well, one the biggest advertising sports events in the world is only a few days away and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Yes people, the Super Bowl is right around the corner. If you’re familiar with this blog you know what team I will be rooting for come Sunday night but if you’re not familiar, you’re in for a treat. The Patriots have had quite the storyline coming into this game and that’s just the way I like it. From the Jimmy G trade to the acquisition of James Harrison and then all this coaching “drama”, it has been a roller coaster of emotions. But wouldn’t you know it, just like I predicted, the Patriots are headed back to the Super Bowl for the second consecutive year.

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The matchup this year is against the Philadelphia Eagles, a strong team with a very mediocre quarterback. After losing Carson Wentz in Week 14 I felt the Eagles never really had a chance, even if they were to make it to the Super Bowl. Nick Foles has some skill but is not even a close comparison to the Five Time World Champion: Tom Brady. This is the way I see things. If “defence wins championships” the Jags would have beat us in the AFC Championship and the Vikings probably would have beat the Eagles if I am being completely honest. The true factor in winning a football championship falls around one, having a great quarterback and two, good coaching. Wouldn’t you know it  the Patriots possess both of these qualities. Why do you think Belichick and Brady have been able to succeed for so long. They are the perfect tandem. Virtually unstoppable. The duo’s eighth trip to the Super Bowl and I definitely don’t think it’s even close to their toughest test. Brady will walk all over the Philly defence and Bill will identify weaknesses and shut down the Eagles offence. Cake walk.

To be honest, when Gronk went down in the AFC Championship I was a little more concerned, but now that he’s returned to practice, I have 100% faith that the Pats will seal this one. Even without their number one wide out, Julian Edelman, they are still an absolute powerhouse offence. Brady has had an MVP season and he is ready to top it off with one final bang. I can already hear the hearts of Eagles fans breaking now, so sad. Straight up, I feel bad for the city of Philadelphia, they are walking into a literal death trap. I am not sure if their fans will be able to handle the utter defeat they are about to face. If I worked for the City of Philadelphia I would be prepping for a massive riot because when those final seconds tick off the clock and the Patriots win their 6th Super Bowl the streets in the “City of Brotherly Love” will be a war zone, mark my words.

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Whether this is an end of an era or not, it is going to be a memorable one. Worldwide people will be glued to the TV watching Tom do what he does best, win. If there were any doubts about his legacy or “GOAT” status, Brady will be sure to silence them after this victory because he is the greatest quarterback of all time, hands down, no questions asked.


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