The Fall of the Cleveland Cavaliers

Some recent reports have revealed that the current roster of the Cleveland Cavaliers doesn’t think they have what it takes to win the championship this year. To be honest, I agree with them. I mean we have witnessed Lebron James try to take things into his own hands without Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving in the 2015 NBA Finals and he was only able to hold the Warriors off until Game 6…and at that time they didn’t even have Kevin Durant at the time.

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If we look at the current roster James has to work with, things are not bright whatsoever. He has a vertically challenged point guard with an amazing scoring ability (that we have yet to see this season) but poor defensive attributes. How is Isaiah Thomas supposed to guard Russell Westbrook turning the corner and running straight downhill into his throat. He is in constant need of help defence which is an immediate disadvantage for the Cavs. Next we have starting shooting guard JR Smith. Yes, he still plays for Cleveland and I am pretty sure he has declined every year since he started with them. I am pretty sure Mr. Big Shot hasn’t made a smart shot selection since entering the NBA. Then at the 3 is obviously Lebron James and I am not going to bash him. He is really the only bright spot in this aging lineup of misfit toys. At power forward is Kevin Love, probably the most inconsistent player in the Cavs lineup. One night he puts up superstar numbers and the next he goes 0-6 from the three point line, zero rebounds, trash. Finally rounding out the starting line up we have either Jae Crowder or Tristan Thompson at center. Crowder was part of the IT-Kyrie trade and is a solid player but really is nothing special. I have seen Tristan Thompson be an impact on the floor but I am a strong believer in the Kardashian Curse so until that’s over he will never be the same. Some notable (old ass) reserves include Dwayne Wade, Derrick Rose and Kyle Korver all of which are past their primes and are very limited in what they can still do to make an impact for this team.

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The Cavaliers have gone 4-7 in the month of January and have been on a steady decline since Isaiah’s return. I genuinely do not know if that have what it takes this year to even make it to the NBA Finals, even with Lebron! They are most likely going to have to go through the Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics who are two very strong deep basketball clubs. Even barring injury this team is really garbage. Trust me ‘Father Time’ will eventually catch up with Lebron so his window to win a championship is right now. He has no time to wait for incoming draft picks or the development of young players. He needs a team with a good mix of veteran talent, young promise and strong coaching but the current Cleveland Cavaliers are far from that. Maybe its seriously time to consider a trade for Lebron James before he realizes he cannot win in Cleveland anymore and abandons the team in the offseason like he has done in the past. Cleveland, it’s time to make a move or suffer the consequences.

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