Pretty Boy Jimmy G, My Worst Nightmare Coming to Life

As the NFL football season approaches it’s first week of playoffs let’s take a look back on what will ultimately turn out to be one of the saddest stories of the year for Patriots fans. We may not have realized it at the time but Jimmy Garoppolo might just be a franchise quarterback in the NFL. Of course we currently have the greatest winning quarterback to ever play the game in Tom Brady but let’s take a look at what the future could have been for the Patriots.

49ers jimmy g blog.jpg

First of all, this guy was built to be the face of a franchise, it’s truly frustrating. In his 5 starts as a 49er, Garoppolo went an undefeated 5 and 0 beating the Bears, the Texans, the Titans, the Jaguars and the Rams. Of those 5 teams, 3 are currently headed to the NFL playoffs. Given the Rams didn’t play Goff or Gurley against San Fran, he was still able to beat an impressive Jaguars team and an above average Titans squad. Now let’s look at his individual stats on the year. In 5 games, Jimmy threw for 6 Passing TD’s and 1 Rushing TD. His QBR never dropped below an 80 and he averaged about 308 passing yards a game over that 5-game span. On the negative side he did end up throwing 5 interceptions and had one fumble but he still has plenty of time to get a feel for those areas. It’s not like he had a superstar offence and his coach isn’t Bill Belichick anymore but yet he still managed to put up very impressive numbers.

We are talking about a 6 foot 2, 225 pound, 26 year old man who can actually scramble and gain yards if need be. It just makes you wonder what could have been. As a Patriots fan, I have a lot of concern surrounding this guy. What if he does turn out to be this good and does become a superstar franchise quarterback? What if Brady doesn’t end up playing at an MVP caliber until he’s 45 like he claims he can? I am just looking ahead and being a realist. I am doubting the decision made by the Patriots to trade away a player like this. Obviously, we would have hated to see a player like Garoppolo not see any playing time until he was in his 30’s and waste away the talent that he currently possesses but cmon we should have seen the signs people!

jimmy g blog

I would never give the great Tom Brady a bad name though, I still believe he and Belichick are capable of taking the Pats to at least 3 more Super Bowls and hopefully winning all of them as well. I just want to know what happens when Brady does decide to hang up the cleats and call it a career. Who is next in line? Quarterbacks like Tom Brady are once in a lifetime guys and based on how Garoppolo has played so far, (though it is a small handful games) signs point to the idea that he might be one of those guys. But I will never doubt Belichick and the Patriots organization and I have faith that they are planning for the future as we speak. For now, it’s time to go win another Super Bowl. First round bye has us playing the winner of either the Titans and the Chiefs or if Buffalo pulls off a miracle and beats the Jaguars we would play them. Regardless, the road does not really seem like a tough one and it will be interesting to see who can battle their way out of the NFC to play us on February 4th, in Minnesota.


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