I Can’t Stand OLG Point Spread

Well, maybe due to the fact that I haven’t won a single bet in about 6 months. Or maybe because my friends and I always think we are gurus and know who is going to win or in other cases at least cover the spread. It is always those full proof teams that end up screwing up the system. The Patriots are usually a super lock. The Tampa Bay Lighting are absolute power houses and the Vegas Golden Knights are ironically unstoppable at home. Imagine being 4-0 on a football Sunday with your payout solely relying on Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles to beat Russel Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. Sadly, no one reminded me that once January rolled around Seattle is nearly unbeatable on home field. Philly only lost 3 games all season and that was one of them; it wasn’t even close (24-10 Seahawks). I blame my roommates for that loss, their football insight is supposed to be better than mine.

olg blog.png

Another thing that bothers me about OLG is how the odds makers never seem to be wrong. If a team is heavily favoured, there is usually a good reason for it and most of the time they don’t cover. How do they come up with these spreads in the first place. I would love to see the calculations it takes to determine a spread, for example, in a Lightning vs. Kings game. They just play with the emotions of the suckers who inevitably bet on these games and yes, I have fallen into this category of a “sucker” before. There is a reason people do not make money betting sports, it’s because they’re completely unpredictable and anyone who claims to be making money is probably lying to you. I mean why do you think the lottery can afford to give out so much money? Well, the simple fact of the matter is that they are bringing in a lot more than they are dishing out.

point spread blog.jpg

But the reason I would still choose a Point Spread or even a Pro-Line game over the normal lottery like 649 or Lotto Max (although a bigger payout) is the fact that there is something to physically root for. If you bet on a couple of games and go home that night to watch them, there is a lot more to be excited about with the incentive of winnings on the table. You are more emotionally invested in these games whether you realize it or not. I just want to say though that I would never endorse sports gambling because it can be a very dangerous activity that could cost a person a lot of money. But if you do have an interest in betting certain sports or think you have what it takes to pick winners, I would advise you to test a small bet on a couple games and see if you can turn that investment into a profit. Don’t overdue it and always keep in mind OLG’s tagline:

Know Your Limit, Play Within It



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