“Money” Manziel is Headed North of the Border

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One of the most electric players to ever grace the NCAA with his talents is headed north for the “Dirty Hammer”. Thursday, it was announced that Johnny “Money” Manziel would be allowed to sign with the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the Canadian Football League for the 2018 season. You can’t tell me this is not the greatest thing to happen to the CFL ever. Period. I watched about a total of one half of CFL football last season but if Manziel signs and potentially starts you could probably push that number to about 4 or 5 halves even. If you’re not familiar with this guy, first of all why? But if so, you have to understand that he is an absolute legend. When Texas A&M was nationally televised, he was the one putting asses in seats.

Johnny Manziel Highlights

What a move this would be for the Tiger Cats organization to at least give this guy a chance.  You know how many more fans they could get? If they jumped up and got 100 more Johnny Manziel fans they could sell at least 110 tickets to every game. No offense to the Tiger Cats organization because I am sure they do really well but the CFL is not nearly as big as other professional sports leagues. How could they not at least take an opportunity like this, I mean, things can’t be any worse. The Ti-Cats were 6-12 last season and failed to make the playoffs in a very poor East Division. I am not sure who their current quarterback is so that says a lot, even though like I said before I do not know much about the CFL as it is.

No word of a lie I would consider buying a ticket to a game if I knew that he would be starting on any given day. This guy brought the fire to Texas A&M and I am sure he carries that fire with him everywhere that he goes. Fire up the horses and fill the bandwagon, Johnny Manziel is headed for Hamilton.

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