James Harrison, Outside Linebacker for the New England Patriots

*Fair warning before reading, I am a Pats fan, sorry.

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Whether you believe me or not, I truly saw this coming. Yes it may have been obvious, but this was a classic New England Patriot’s stunt. One man’s trash is another man’s gold for this team. How many times have we seen Bill Belichick turn no name players into complete superstars and now he gets the chance to squeeze every last bit of pure athleticism out of James Harrison. He may not have performed to the level we expect from him in the last couple seasons but we are talking about a 5-time Pro Bowler who once had 16 sacks in a season. Mark my words, Belichick has already found a way to utilize a player with his skill set and will be able to implement him into the defensive strategy no problem. I mean we’ve seen what he’s still able to do with the 40 year-old GOAT, Tom Brady, so I can’t wait to see what he does with 40 year-old, James Harrison.


Yea James may be a little old for today’s NFL but he is definitely not out of shape. I mean have you seen this guys workout videos, he is an absolute MONSTER and I have faith he can still bring that fire to these last few games, wearing a Patriots uniform. The best part about all of this is that we got him from Pittsburgh…PITTSBURGH! Our ultimate threat in the AFC basically just handed us their once franchise LB who has been playing full time with them since 2004. And on a side note if you think for one second the Jags are going to be a threat to the Pats, I would say give it a few more years, or hope Brady retires sooner than expected, I mean they lost to Jimmy Garoppolo’s 49ers last week, but we can get into that another time.

I honestly feel bad for the Steelers at this point, I mean their offensive power is unbelievable and no matter what they do, they can’t find a way to beat the Pats. I mean lets just look at the examples from Week 15. Classic Tom Brady easily waltz’s down the field for the go ahead touchdown and two-point conversion to make it a 3-point ball game, thanks to some help from Gronk. Then JuJu Smith-Schuster makes a massive play to push Pittsburgh into the red zone, just to have an absolute atomic bomb go off. The drop. The fake spike. I mean c’mon, this team is cursed, there is no chance they are going to beat the Pats this year.

So this means the Patriots are headed back to the Super Bowl, where we all know anything can happen. But lets be honest, the NFC is going to be a blood bath and only one team will be able to make it. Who should I really be concerned with? Philly without Wentz. Cam Newton and the streaky Panthers. Matt Ryan and the choking Falcons. Case Keenum…Okay, maybe Drew Brees but I think I will take my chances.

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Congratulations New England, you just won Super Bowl LII!


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